Tips for Customizing Your New iPhone 14 Pro Max

Everyone likes to personalize a mobile phone according to their demands. From changing backgrounds to setting up shortcuts, what's there not to love? However, Apple didn't always provide its fans the flexibility they sought, but that changed with the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Now, with the aid of iOS 16, you have considerably more flexibility to personalize your iPhone than ever before.

But the next important issue is, what level of customization should you go for? That's why today, I'm going to go over a few suggestions that might better assist you personalize your 14 Pro Max. Since these modifications are tied to the current version of iOS, you're not restricted to the 14 Pro Max, and you can also use them on prior incarnations like the new or used iPhone 13 Pro Max, used iPhone 12 Pro Max, used iPhone 11 Pro, etc.

So, the topics that we'll cover in this article are:

  • Tips for customizing your new iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Where to get one

With that said, let's start by going over the tips that you need to know.

Before we begin, please note that all of the modification tips that I'm going to tell you about are the ones that I've incorporated myself. It worked for me, and I hope that you will find them valuable as well.

1. Change the Wallpaper

The very first customization tip that I'll want to share is to alter the background of the screen. I know this type of evident modifications. But picking the proper background is equally vital. Since the new iPhone 14 Pro Max features an OLED display, you have two options ahead of you.

The first choice is that you pick out a totally black background. This can give you with some additional battery life if you're in a need. I personally use black wallpaper on my used iPhone 12 Pro to make it survive longer. Even two may not seem like much of a difference for some, but I've observed quite a change.

The next choice for you is to use a standard or completely bright background. The display quality of the 14 Pro Max is so outstanding that you won't believe the degree of detail if you select the proper wallpaper.

2. Customize the Background

Staying with the overall concept of the backdrop of the iPhone, you also need to know that you may personalise it in complete detail. When you apply a new choice, it displays you two possibilities, one how the wallpaper appears and the other how the pages for applications will look like.

You may modify the colour of the wallpaper, upload new photographs, or even make the backdrop blur. Now, blur is the most fascinating feature out of all of them since (as the name implies) the backdrop will be blurred, and you won't be able to clearly pick out the wallpaper. If you want to differentiate between applications and the background, this may be quite beneficial.

3. Rearrange the Home Screen Apps

No one enjoys a dirty home screen, and that is a reality. It might be incredibly tough to locate the proper app when you don't know where it is amid a sea of other applications. However, it isn't the case for all of us since some reorganize the applications on the home screen in such a manner that you'll know where you can locate a specific programed

I've been utilizing this trick ever since I began using cellphones, and it's no different with the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. You may organize them alphabetically or in a manner that best fits your requirements.

One other thing that I'll want to note is that don't forget to utilize the folder option for comparable sorts of programs.

Where to Get One

These suggestions can help you modify some of the most critical aspects of your new iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, you may also use them on other phones that support the newest iOS version, like the secondhand iPhone 12 Pro.

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